The services that we offer in our stores helps our clients identify issues with their vision as well as getting professional advice for continued healthy vision. Visit one of our Stores to take advantage of our eye care services.

Eye Testing

At Solo Optical, we know having a quality eye examination is essential to being able to deliver first class spectacles. This is why we only work with trusted eye care professionals in our stores. We also provide professional advice on keeping your eyes healthy through protection from sun, corrective glasses, dieting & hydration levels.

Specialist Optics

While our main focus at Solo Optical will always be eyewear we’re happy to help with a wide range of products to cover an array of eye-care needs including cords & chains, sprays, cloths and lens wipes as well as ‘Ready readers’. For the active sports clients we can supply prescription swimming goggles, diving and snorkelling masks and sports eyewear. We also even provide safety eyewear and technical glasses.